Kids Cooking: Waffle Bear Breakfast

October 25, 2011
My kids have really enjoyed watching me make ( & eating ) the recipes that I have been blogging about.   They also all love to help in the kitchen.  So, each week, one of my kids will pick a recipe and they will get to make it themselves. With, my assistance, of course.  
                                                                       This week:

My official taste tester of many new recipes, my 4 year old.  Primarily, because, he will try just about anything and he is home with my a good part of the day.  He also loves to eat!  He picked "Waffle Bear Breakfast" for his recipe this week.  He had a great time making it and an even better time eating his bear.

2 frozen round waffles
banana slices
chocolate chips (or blueberries for a healthier option)
strawberry or grape jelly
syrup (optional)

Toast waffles in toaster, cut 2 triangles from one of the waffles.  Now, make your bear!  Use the banana slices for ears, eyes and nose.  Top off the bananas with chocolate chips. Use the chocolate chips to make a smiley face for your bear.  Spread jelly on the 2 triangle pieces and place under the bears head to make a bow ties.   If you like, drizzle syrup or honey before chowing down.  We ate our bear plain and it was yummy!

Kids Cooking: Waffle Bear Breakfast

Kids Cooking: Waffle Bear Breakfast
Our finished waffle bear!

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