Homemade Ranch Dressing

January 05, 2012

Well, break is over.  Everyone is back to school and work.  It's very quiet.  Kinda nice, but, kinda eery too.  It takes a few days for me to get used to it. I will. No problem. Quiet is good.
I am working my way back into the kitchen too.  I didn't get much done while everyone was home.  We got a bit too much take-out and ate too many sandwiches..it was a nice break, but, now, it's time to get back to business.
I came across this recipe on Pinterest. Where else?  I mentioned before that my oldest daughter is a bacon fanatic.  Well, she is a bit obsessed with ranch dressing too.  So, instead of continuing to buy a bottle of Kraft. I decided to give this a try.  It's quite tasty and mixed up in a snap.

{Just a note...these ingredients can be reduced or increased to your own taste..play around with it and see what works for you }

¾ cup mayonnaise 
¾ cup sour cream 
1 tbsp. canola oil
1 tbsp. lemon juice
1 cup buttermilk 
1 tbsp chives
1 tbsp parsley

Add all ingredients in bowl and mix well.  Adjust to your own taste. Mixing in a blender or food processor would probably work best, but, a whisk will do just fine too. Store in air tight container in fridge.

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