Peanut Butter & Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

February 23, 2012
I just kinda noticed, that my last few posts have been sweets.

I have been cooking real food at my house.  Sometimes.  It's seems that lately the days have been crazy and when dinner times rolls around, we are either eating pizza (homemade, really!), sandwiches or I am throwing pasta in to boil up. Nothing to thrilling to post here.  OK, we have been doing our share of take-out too.
Of course, there is always time to make cookies, cakes, and any type of sweets, right?
Speaking of sweets, I came across these yummy items over at Stella B's Kitchen.  They are fabulous and waayyy to easy to make.  You can have a few of these done in mere minutes.  I made a few, tossed them in the freezer and then snacked on one (OK, three) later on. Worked out great.

Adapted From

Ritz crackers
creamy peanut butter
2 -3 bricks chocolate almond bark (for approx 6 cookies)

Spread generous amount of  peanut butter on flat side of cracker. Top off with another cracker to create a sandwich. Make sure peanut butter is not squirt out of sandwich.

Melt chocolate is small saucepan on low heat ( or you can use a double boiler). Once chocolate is melted. Dip prepared sandwiches and coat well using two forks. Place coated cookies on wax paper to cool for approx an hour. You can also place in the freezer to speed up the process.
Store in a sealed container.

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