Apple Brickle Dip

August 14, 2012

This weekend we hosted a sleepover for the kids. Since, the summer was..well, crappy, we let them invited some cousins over for the weekend before school starts up again.  

So, for two days, we entertained nine children (This number does include our five).  It went very well.  I served pizza, they played campout, watched a movie with popcorn and made their own ice cream sundaes.   Then, on Sunday, my sisters & Mom had lunch with us.  It was a lovely family weekend.

It just so happens that not too long ago, one of my sisters gave me this recipe.  She told me it was fabulous and I had to post it.   She was right.

I made it with the intention of serving it to the kids at the sleepover.  I didn't.  My sister and I pigged out on it when she came to pick up her daughters.  It is so good and so easy. Sweet cream cheese with toffee is a great combo.  It's great for a party or just to pig out with your sister with.  And, hey, you serve it with apples, so, it's almost healthy, right? 

Apple Brickle Dip


  • 8 oz cream cheese, softened
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/4 cup white sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 2-3 toffee candy bars, broken into pieces or bag of toffee bits


  1. Mix cream cheese, both sugars and vanilla in a bowl.
  2. Fold in toffee pieces. Serve with apples or graham sticks.
  3. Keep any leftovers covered in refrigerator.
Prep Time: 00 hrs. 10 mins.
Total time: 10 mins.


  1. Oh my, that looks good. You had me at toffee! I think I make this for my kids. They would love it as an after school snack.

  2. Hello, DELICIOUSNESS! Thanks for kiddos will be all over this:)

  3. Thanks ladies! Enjoy :)

  4. Yum! I'll take the bowl & eat with a spoon :)

  5. Thanks for posting this on the Foodie Friends Friday party!! This looks amazing and is a great treat for a group of kids!

  6. This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friends Friday and remember to come and vote on Sunday.

  7. That is a houseful of kids!!! I bet they had a blast! Love the dip, I've been wanting to try this!