Chocolate Graham Cracker Cool Whip Sandwich

November 08, 2011
This week, we are keeping it really simple. My oldest son, age 6, wanted to make Chocolate Graham Cracker Cool Whip Sandwiches.  They are a serious favorite of his.  We discovered these lovely little cool treats over the summer while I was on Weight Watchers.  So, if you are counting points, these are only 2 points! They are also super easy for kids to make for themselves.


All you need:
Just some chocolate graham crackers (or any flavor you want) and some cool whip topping

To Prepare:
Crack graham crackers in half.  Then scoop a dollop of whip topping on one cracker, then, cover with other half of cracker. Place sandwiches on a baking sheet and place in freezer for about an hour before serving.


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