Texas Cheese Fries

November 02, 2011
One of my favorite places to eat is Lone Star Steakhouse.  My husband is not a fan of red meat, so, it is very seldom that we have steak at home.  Well, that and the cost of steak for 7 people? Um, no, thanks. Besides the steak at Lone Star, I love their Amarillo Cheese Fries.   A bit too much.  It takes mere minutes for us to polish off a plate of them. Hot spicy fries, cheese, bacon and then a side of Texas ranch..oh, how lovely  They aren't too difficult to make at home either, so, occasionally, we have them and dig in.

French Fries - (homemade or frozen..your choice..I sliced/baked 4 russet potatoes)
 (for dip) approx 3 TBSP Season Salt or a 1/2 envelope of dry taco seasoning will work too.
1 cup Ranch Dressing
1/2 cup shredded Colby-Jack cheese (monterey jack will work well also)
2-3 slices cooked crumbled bacon

Sprinkle fries with season salt (to taste) and bake accordingly.

Texas Cheese Fries

Texas Cheese Fries

Once baked, sprinkle cheese and bacon evenly over the fries and return to the oven to melt.  You can also use your broiler to really crisp them up.

Simply mix ranch dressing and the 3 tbsp season salt.
Texas Cheese Fries

Serve fries with prepared dipping sauce and fall in love.

Texas Cheese Fries

Texas Cheese Fries


  1. These fries look awesome! It's 8am here and I'm feeling like I might want these for breakfast!

  2. Thanks Laura! I had them for lunch yesterday and after posting this, want them again today :)


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