Brownie Pops

December 07, 2011
Isn't this festive?

Take a good look. I made Brownie Pops yesterday and this is the only one decent enough to be photographed.
 I found a recipe. It looked easy. It looked yummy. It looked Christmasy. I am no Martha Stewart, but, these weren't too tough.  I. was. wrong.  What a darn nightmare they turned out to be. 
My first problem was the brownie pan.  I forgot to grease it.  Yes.  Forgot.  Do you know how many pans of brownies I have made?  Oh, a million or so.   I did remember before baking though.  So, I sprayed a new pan and transferred to a new one. Crisis avoided..or so, I thought.   Baked them. Cooled them.  Made them into little balls. Froze them. No problem. 
Then, the chocolate.  Oh, the chocolate.  I actually cursed it.  That has never happened.  It melted the specified amount.  Tried to dip them. I didn't have the right size bowl.  Melted more. Got a deeper bowl.  The chocolate burned.  BURNED.   Aaahh!!  Oh, this happened with regular chocolate and white chocolate.  BOTH. BURNED.  I don't know how. They were on low heat. I kept stirring!
Do you know what white chocolate looks like burnt? 
Here you go...

Oh, the ones I did coat, looked like a 2 year did them.  Not pretty. Not picture worthy at all.  But, after all the mess and and scrubbing of burnt pans, we tried them. 

I think this picture speaks for itself.  If not, YUM.

Boxed brownie mix - with ingredients {or your own brownie recipe}
Lollipop sticks
Chocolate almond bark-at least 2-3 squares.

Make brownies according to directions.  Cool for about 15 minutes. Scoop approx 1 tablespoon of the brownie and form into a ball.  Then, freeze them for about 5-6 minutes.
Melt chocolate.  Dip end of lollipop stick into chocolate, then into brownie.  Dip brownie into melted chocolate and coat.  Decorate with sprinkles.  Chocolate will set after 10 minutes or so.
I baked a 9 x 9 in pan of brownies and got about 20 pops from it.

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  1. I have never made any pops before, but the brownie ones do sound good. Sorry you had issues with these, I have had some bad incidents in the kitchen also. I am considering getting a chocolate temperer, it just would make things so easier!

  2. I will check it out! Thank you Tina!


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