Eliza Hope

June 11, 2013

One year ago today, I had a baby. A tiny little girl name Eliza Hope. Eliza was born 9 weeks early and was faced many challenges right from the start. (if you would like to read her story, please click here for my personal blog). We lost her just 31 days later.

What has this year been like? My husband describes it as a roller coaster.  Some days, you feel up and pretty good, the next?  It's down.  And the next day...really down.  My family keeps me going everyday, this blog keeps me going on others. Sounds silly..a little blog dedicated to taking photos of food makes me feel better.  Well, it does. It has been a great outlet for me in many ways.  So, thank you for keeping up with me, my kids, my husband and what we love to eat.

I am going to take the next few days off. To unplug, recharge and spend time with  my kids who are already getting a little stir crazy on summer break and also, to reflect on my little Eliza's life that was very short, but, a very big part of our lives.
I will still be in the kitchen feeding all these kids though, so, more to come. Thanks for sticking around.



  1. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and words Wendy :)

  2. So, so sorry for the heartbreak you endured. Take the time you need with family and be well, my friend.

  3. You are very sweet Miss Anita..thank you :)

  4. My heart breaks reading of your loss. Take all the time you need and then some as you probably won't take as much as you really need. {{Hugs}}


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