Yep, I'm still workin' in the Kitchen.

October 16, 2014

The kitchen and I are not on friendly terms.  Actually, it's been decided that my kitchen hates me. I've been working in the kitchen like a crazy person this week and things are just not going my way!  My apple crisp was soggy, my pumpkin brownies were less than pumpkin-y and looked just..wrong, my cheeseburger pictures looked like they were taken in a closet and the chicken planned for this week, burned.  Yep, just burned.  Tomorrow is a new day, right? Let's hope so! I'm so sorry guys..
So, no new recipes for the the rest of this week, but, stop on Saturday..big stuff going on! 
{New food=next week} 

What's your worst kitchen failure?
Please share :)


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