Weekly Meal Plan #47: Thanksgiving Edition

November 11, 2017
Weekly Meal Plan: Thanksgiving Edition from Table for Seven
Here in the U.S., Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away! I can't believe it.

If you are celebrating...are you cooking?  hosting?  visiting friends or family?  Is your menu ready?!  Well, I"m here to help you out a bit today, so, have no worries. 😊

This week's meal plan is all about Thanksgiving.  We have turkey, stuffing, veggies, and of course, some pie.   I have also shared a link to last year's Thanksgiving Meal Plan, to give you even more ideas.

Also!  I will taking a short break from the weekly meal plan posts.  Just until the end of the month. Starting in December, we will be back in business.

Check these out and enjoy!

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